About us

Hello, we are Charlotte & Josephine. Nice to meet you!

In 2016 we started the brand “Arthur & The Sisters”, literally from the kitchen. Both are big fans of a healthy lifestyle and especially crazy about breakfast. Arthur & The Sisters stands for easy, healthy and above all delicious!

Join us and discover the power of a consistent morning routine together.


Our mission is to help you discover the power of your morning routine. To start your day with the right energy.

We do this on the one hand by making nutritious breakfast and snack products for the whole family.

In addition, we want to inspire and provide the right tools to tackle exercise, sleep and stress in addition to nutrition. We believe these are the 4 building blocks for a happy day.

For Arthur

How it started...

In 2015 we lost our brother, Arthur. Our world stood still.

'Seize the day' and make the best of it is our motto. It was the beginning of our search for what it means to be happy. We soon discovered that nutrition, exercise, stress and sleep have a huge influence on our well-being.

In this hectic world, self-care is becoming increasingly important, a need we all share.

Arthur is our common thread and forms the basis of our message.

Morning routine

A good morning routine lays the foundation for a productive day and helps you cope better with today's rush.

Consistency is the key to a healthy lifestyle.

By starting each day with time for ourselves, we lay a strong foundation for the rest of the day and are better able to deal with unexpected or stressful situations.

Let's go out together and seize the day.

"Let's seize the day!"

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