Easter Box

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Limited Edition!

Done = gone so be quick.

Everything for a fun Easter weekend!

The Easter box includes:

  • Vanilla Crunchy with chocolate 250g: gluten-free cruesli with vanilla and chocolate
  • 5 x Cookies Chocolate-Chip: gluten-free vegan mini cookies
  • 5 x Nuts & Caramels: healthy nut mix with caramel almonds
  • 5 x Only Caramels – limited edition “Easter eggs” to hide in the garden 😉 Crunchy almonds coated in a caramel shell

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Limited Edition

The Easter Box makes for a delicious Easter breakfast!

Crunchy Vanilla Crunchy with chocolate chips for in a glass jar on the brunch table, cute round mini cookies and a healthy nut mix as a snack during the Easter walk and as icing on the cake, a bag of our Easter eggs: Only Caramels, No Nuts… Caramel Easter eggs to hide in the garden, conveniently packaged in a transparent bag (rain? We got you!)

What’s in the box:

  • Vanilla Crunchy with Chocolate 250g: a gluten-free crunchy vanilla cruesli with big chocolate chunks that everyone loves! Delicious on yogurt and fruit, smoothies or with milk.
  • Cookies Chocolate-Chip: gluten-free crispy vegan mini cookies made with oats sweetened with coconut blossom sugar.
  • Nuts & Caramel: a healthy snack or delicious as a topping on oatmeal or yogurt. A blend of the best nuts with some caramel almonds as a “treat.
  • Only Caramels: the caramel almonds of the ‘Nuts & Caramels’ in a bag with no extra nuts. A delicious treat and ideal as small, original Easter eggs. Crunchy almond coated in a caramel coating, very addictive and oh so delicious…..

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