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The importance of a healthy breakfast

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“Breakfast like a king, lunch like a nobleman and dine like a beggar.”

What is the importance of a healthy breakfast? Here are some reasons to eat breakfast like a king.

Gives you energy

Food is the main source of energy for our bodies, and breakfast gives you between 10% and 15% of the energy and nutrients you need daily. It is the fuel on which you start your day, so start with a full, healthy tank and quickly experience its benefits.

Reduces cravings for snacks

A good breakfast will reduce your cravings for snacks throughout the day. In addition, you will also make better and healthier choices throughout the day because you have already set your tone for the day. You certainly don’t have to believe us – or the studies – but try, test and find out for yourself.

Being able to concentrate better

Studies have shown that breakfast can improve both short-term memory and concentration. Because of this better concentration, performance at school and at work is often better as well. The most important things are better done in the morning, when your brain is still fresh and your energy levels just replenished. You certainly feel the importance of a healthy breakfast in the morning.

For a good mood

Eating breakfast keeps your blood sugar and insulin levels at proper levels. Balanced blood sugar makes for a better mood. You also just get instant happy from a delicious, nutritious breakfast bowl. Before you know it, you are already longing for your breakfast in the morning 😉

For better bowel movement

At night, our digestion is also at a low ebb. When you start the morning with a high-fiber, breakfast, the intestines immediately restart. This makes for better bowel movements. Fiber is mainly found in cereal products such as oatmeal and fresh fruit.


A healthy, nutritious breakfast provides more energy, better concentration, a good mood, less hunger and better bowel movements.

Are you yourself absolutely not hungry in the morning? Then listen to your body. We believe in intuitive eating. We ourselves are huge proponents of breakfast paired with early morning and exercise, but that is our personal opinion based on our own experience. We believe that, above all, you should experience this for yourself by listening to your body.

What do you think is the greatest benefit of a good breakfast?

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