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Healthy snacks at work: Arthur’s Breakfast Box offers the solution

If you’re looking for healthy snacks to eat at work, you’re in luck! Arthur’s Breakfast Box offers a wide selection of healthy snacks that are perfect for in-between meals.

Nuts & Fruits Goji Berries

One of the most popular snacks in our range is the Nuts & Fruits Goji Berries. This snack contains a combination of nuts, seeds and dried fruits, including goji berries. Goji berries are rich in antioxidants and can help improve immunity.

You can easily order this snack from our website: Nuts & Fruits Goji Berries.

Nuts Caramel

Another favorite among our customers is Nuts Caramel. This snack contains a blend of healthy nuts and a delicious caramel flavor. It’s the perfect snack to treat yourself to a sweet treat without the guilt.

Nuts & caramels

Order a box of Nuts Caramel now from our website: Nuts Caramel.

Sweet Chili Nuts

If you like spicy, Sweet Chili Nuts is the snack for you. This snack contains roasted nuts with a slightly spicy and sweet flavor. It is the ideal snack to cheer yourself up during a long work day.

Order this delicious snack from our website today: Sweet Chili Nuts.

Tamari Chili Nuts

Another option for spicy snack lovers is Tamari Chili Nuts. This snack contains nuts with a savory tamari flavor and a little extra spice from chili. It is the perfect snack to boost your energy during a busy work day.

Order a box of Tamari Chili Nuts from our website now: Tamari Chili Nuts.


The cookies are made with high-quality and healthy ingredients, making them a better choice than many other snacks available on the market. For example, the cookies are made with organic coconut oil and dark chocolate, both of which are known for their health benefits.

Another advantage of choosing cookies from Arthur’s Breakfast Box is that they come in convenient portions, which is perfect for the office. The cookies are individually wrapped, making them easy to share with colleagues or customers. Moreover, the cookies are not too big, making them a good choice for in between meals without completely stuffing yourself.

Finally, Arthur’s Breakfast Box cookies are a tasty and satisfying snack, making them perfect for the office. With their flavorful ingredients and convenient portions, they are an ideal choice for a healthy snack during a long workday. Cookies can be found here: Cookies.

Business subscription

If you’re looking for a convenient and tasty way to pamper your team at work, Arthur’s Breakfast Box business subscription is a great option. With this subscription, you regularly receive a box full of delicious and healthy snacks that are perfect for the office.

Arthur’s Breakfast Box business subscription offers several benefits. First, you get access to a selection of the best breakfasts and snacks from Arthur’s Breakfast, which are made with high-quality and healthy ingredients. This means that your team can enjoy tasty and satisfying snacks without feeling guilty about eating unhealthy snacks.

Another advantage of the business subscription is convenient delivery. The products are delivered to your office on a regular basis, which means you always have a supply of tasty snacks on hand. This is perfect for busy workdays when it can be hard to find a healthy snack.

Plus, Arthur’s Breakfast Box business subscription is a great way to show your team that you care. By providing them with healthy and tasty snacks, you can promote a positive work atmosphere and contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

All in all, Arthur’s Breakfast Box business subscription offers a great way to treat your team to delicious and healthy snacks at work. It is easy to arrange and offers several benefits, including convenient delivery and a selection of the best products from Arthur’s Breakfast. Snacks at work.

Want to order: you can do so here.

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