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Does the Pink Banana exist?

There is no natural pink banana. Bananas are naturally yellow, green or reddish-purple, depending on the variety. However, there are some exotic fruits often referred to as “pink banana,” but they are not true bananas.

Red Dacca Banana

Red Dacca Banana

An example of a fruit sometimes referred to as “pink banana” is the Red Banana, also known as the Red Dacca banana.

The Red Dacca banana, also known as the Red Banana, is a variety of banana native to Southeast Asia. This banana has a deep red or dark pink skin and is soft and sweet tasting inside.

The Red Dacca banana is generally slightly smaller than the common yellow banana and has a curved shape. The fruit has a soft, creamy texture and has a mild, sweet taste with a hint of raspberry or strawberry flavor.

These bananas are a good source of fiber, vitamins C and B6, potassium and manganese. They are often eaten as a snack or as an ingredient in sweet desserts, smoothies and other dishes.

The Red Dacca banana is popular in some parts of the world, especially in Asia and South America, and can be found in some supermarkets and specialty stores.

Pink Velvet Banana

pink velvet banana

Another fruit sometimes mistaken for pink bananas is the Pink Velvet banana.

The Pink Velvet banana, also known as the Orito banana, is a relatively rare variety of banana grown mainly in Colombia and Ecuador. This banana has a pink to light purple skin and is whitish in color inside.

The Pink Velvet banana is smaller than the standard banana and has a unique, soft and velvety texture. The taste of this banana is sweet and subtle, with notes of berries and vanilla. The Pink Velvet banana is naturally sweet and needs no added sugar.

This banana is often eaten as a snack or as an ingredient in desserts and smoothies. Because of its delicate texture and unique flavor, Pink Velvet banana is a popular choice for experimental chefs and foodies.

Although the Pink Velvet banana is not as widespread as other banana varieties, it can be found in some specialty stores and markets, especially in South America.

In general, pink bananas are not as common as the better-known yellow and green bananas. If you are looking for a pink banana, it is important to know what variety you are looking for and where to find it.

You can make delicious dishes with pink bananas though 🙂 Like oatmeal banana pancakes.

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