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Breakfast at home

Arthur Breakfast Box delivers breakfast to your home. Our mission is to help you discover the power of your morning routine. We want you to be able to start your day with the right energy. We do this by making nutritious, high-energy breakfast and snack products that are ready in no time.

Arthur's Breakfast Box
breakfast at home

Passion for breakfast

In addition, we want to inspire and provide the right tools to address not only nutrition, but also exercise, sleep and stress . In our opinion, these are the 4 building blocks for a powerful day.

Welcome to Arthur’s Breakfast Box, we hope you find the suitable solution to make your morning routine smoother.

How to order your breakfast box?

1. Choose your favorite breakfast foods

We offer a wide range of breakfast products. You can choose between a one-time breakfast box or a subscription.
The breakfast box consists of 20 serving bags per box. You have a choice of:

Breakfast Products

  • Granola: Granola is a mixture of grains, seeds, kernels and dried fruit, among other things. Our granola is made entirely artisanally and is 100% Belgian. Within breakfast at home we offer 2 variants: chocolate and sweet honey
  • Muesli: is a mixture of nuts, kernels, seeds and grains. Muesli has much in common with granola, but differs in that it is unsweetened and unroasted. This makes it just a tad healthier. In doing so, we offer one species.
  • Oatmeal – Oatmeal: consists of oat flakes, which are ón cut and crushed oat grains. We have 4 different varieties within our breakfast box; chocolate – banana, apple, vanilla collagen, natural. Personally, chocolate-banana is my favorite. We also have 4 other variants that are offered in greater quantity.
  • Granopops: Crunchy popped goodness. A blend of puffed grains (spelt, oats and quinoa). These are lightly sweetened with honey and finished with freeze-dried red fruit. Delicious as a crunchy topping on yogurt and fruit. We have 2 different varieties; chocolate and red frozen fruit.
  • Nuts & Fruits: A healthy snack to take with you. A delicious snack mix based on various nuts and dried fruits! Here we use cashew, Brazil nuts, white almonds, pecans & pistachios. As dried fruits, we use goji berries, blueberries, cranberries and more.
  • Cookie: Small bite sized cookies with bits of chocolate or caramel. Our gluten-free cookies are whole wheat and completely vegan. We made them based on oats. In doing so, they are sweetened only with natural coconut blossom sugar. In other words, the perfect snack or breakfast on the go.

Each product is available separately. In addition, we also have 5 composite subscriptionsdepending on your lifestyle.

Compound subscriptions

Important to know: you get a wooden box for FREE when you take out a subscription. This way you can always display your breakfasts beautifully and carefully. This makes it feel like you’re having breakfast at a hotel every morning. Kind of the same, but better 🙂

  • Everything Subscription ( AKA Superwoman): the breakfast box consists of 13 different breakfast products. This way you can try everything once.
  • Family Subscription: consists of 5 different products and is composed for the family.
  • Sporty Spice: In this breakfast box you have 5 products. The emphasis is on athletic types who like an extra angry protein. This way you get that extra kick in the morning.
  • Sexy Boss: in this you have 8 different breakfast products. This was made specifically for breakfast in the office.
  • Gentleman: You get 5 different products. This is made especially for the sweet mouths who like to eat chocolate. Me included 🙂

2. Breakfast delivered to your home

If you order before 10pm, you will receive your breakfast box at home the next business day. Are you taking out a subscription? Then you will receive a free wooden breakfast box + recipe booklet with the first delivery. With a subscription, you’ll also be sent gadgets and surprises throughout the year. With this, we want to help you get your morning routine on point.

3. Enjoy your breakfast

Finally, you will receive your breakfast at home.
Want some more breakfast inspiration? Then be sure to check out our blog or instagram.

Not sure what to choose? Take the quiz.

The power of your morning

It is proven that you are fresher and more cheerful in the morning. You can more easily process and absorb new information.

“the dawn has gold in its mouth”.

balcony, woman, standing-1834990.jpg

If you start the morning energized, you can move more in 1 day than if you start with an empty engine. “Let’s seize the day!” is our motto for a reason – seize the day and make the most of it, we strongly believe in that ourselves!

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