Arthur & The Sisters

Josephine and Charlotte Clarys
Josephine and Charlotte Clarys

Hello, we are Charlotte & Josephine. Nice to meet you!

In 2016, we started the “Arthur & The Sisters” brand, literally from the kitchen. Both big fans of a healthy lifestyle and especially absolutely crazy about breakfast.

Arthur & The Sisters stands for easy, healthy and most of all delicious!


Our mission is to help you discover the power of your morning routine. To start your day with the right energy.

We do this by making nutritious, high-energy breakfast and snack products that are ready in no time.

In addition, we want to inspire and provide the right tools to address not only nutrition, but also exercise, sleep and stress. In our opinion, these are the 4 building blocks for a powerful day.

Our vision is to improve the quality of your day. To empower young people like Arthur to make the most of their day.



In 2015, we lost our brother, Arthur. We found it very difficult to hear his name, let alone pronounce it.

As a kind of processing process, we began to prepare again the breakfasts and snacks that Arthur loved to eat. In the end, we decided to launch a brand entirely dedicated to Arthur. He is not only the common thread for product development but also throughout the company philosophy: it should not be noticeable that it is healthy and it should certainly be easy.

Apparently, Arthur wasn’t the only one who was partial to the healthy breakfast and snack products….

What began as a processing operation quickly grew into a family business with a lot of potential.

the power of


It is proven that you are fresher and more cheerful in the morning. You can more easily process and absorb new information.

“the dawn has gold in its mouth“.

If you start the morning energized, you can move more in 1 day than if you start with an empty engine. “Let’s seize the day!” is our motto for a reason – seize the day and make the most of it, we strongly believe in that ourselves!








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